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Are you building the right products?
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The advice which already helped executives in tech companies build the right products faster is now available for you in this simple and practical guide.

Take your product leaders to the next level of strategic thinking and execution, create the product vision and roadmap which will bring you the business results you need.

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About the book

Am I building the right product?

Did you ever find yourself up at night, wondering if you are building the right product?

Not sure if you are doing it right?

Feeling you can do something to deliver results faster but not sure exactly what?

If you are an executive in a tech company, you probably answered “yes” to at least one of the questions above (honestly, you probably answered “yes” to all of them).

Find your unique journey

The good news is that thinking about these things is a critical part of actually building successful companies. No one does it right on the first attempt, just because they had a brilliant idea. So awareness is key and being somewhat paranoid about it is part of your job.

The bad news is that even if you are concerned with the questions, the answers are not always clear. Each product is unique and has its own path to get to product-market fit. Each such journey is a new adventure, even if you have a team of aces who led their previous companies to success.

Break the glass ceiling

The companies we work with have built their product based on a great idea. The initial feedback is good, and it feels everything is going in the right direction. 

But then the momentum stops. Things don’t go as smoothly as expected, and while everyone in the company works hard and gives it everything they can, it doesn’t move the needle. There are so many moving pieces, and despite good intentions, it is hard to focus and get everyone aligned on the right thing to do.

You are not alone

In the last 2 years, Infinify worked with over 30 product leaders in various companies on delivering the right product to the market. We started to see a pattern, which repeats itself with almost every company.

Seeing this pattern, we decided to gather all the advice we gave to these companies in a free guide to help you speed up your journey to product-market fit. It contains practical tips and case studies you can learn from to help you drive success and get the business results you need.

We are excited to share this guide with you! Download it now, and let’s create winning products!

Build the Right Product, Faster

Create the product vision and roadmap which will bring you the business results you need

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Registration for the 11th

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